Tattoo Pre-Order

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Just like book pre-orders but for tattoos!

This will give you first priority in booking your appointment once I'm up and running. Be sure to submit your email so you can get all the scheduling information first.

A tattoo pre-order will ensure you a tattoo whenever I am up and running (hopefully within 6 months), but will not expire if you are not able to schedule in that time.

You do not have to know what you want for the tattoo yet, this is purely just to show me you are interested. I will be sending out more pricing/sizing information the closer we get to scheduling. *if you do not feel comfortable buying the pre-order without some frame of reference on pricing, feel free to message me in the "Contact Me" tab or DM me on instagram @cheracreative*

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and encouraged me already, it really fuels me to keep pursuing this new tattoo venture!